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    • Night Wolf decoration engineering(Shanghai)Co., LTD is a professional engaged in security systems integration project design、The installation、Maintenance services and sales all kinds of security、The network system products of private high-tech enterprises。    

          Division I professional to undertake large and medium-sized monitoring、Report to the police、The network、Entrance guard intelligent weak current engineering, etc。The company has a group of trained engineers and sales personnel。Can provide science for the masses of customers、Meticulous、Engineering design scheme of reasonable and good、Timely pre-sale、After-sales service。Technical advice for customers、The project design、Inquiry requirements, etc,The company ask the salesperson to react and pre-sale engineers in the first place,To provide detailed technical scheme and the accurate price configuration。After-sales service companies is proposed“7×24”The service policy(Namely every week7Days,Every day24Hour never interrupted maintenance response),In time for the user... [To view more]

    • Night Wolf baoshan district of Shanghai science and technology network monitor installation/Baoshan digital network monitoring installation/Baoshan district mobile remote monitoring installation
      Monitor the installation in Shanghai/Jiading network monitoring installation/Jiading simulation monitoring high-definition digital network monitoring
      Monitor the installation in Shanghai/Songjiang network monitoring installation/Songjiang monitoring maintenance maintenance-Night Wolf science and technology
      Monitor the installation in Shanghai?Qingpu mobile remote monitoring installation/Qingpu high-definition digital network monitoring installation

     Cooperation customers

    • Along the hospital monitoring system
    • Shanghai national road bar digital surveillance project,Network digital high-definition monitor project-Night Wolf science and technology
    • West long chemical industry-Explosion-proof type projects
    • Cloud housekeeping
    • Bo long powder digital monitoring system
    • Songjiang people's customs surveillance system reconstruction project-Night Wolf science and technology(Shanghai)Co., LTD
    • Merlot ko group digital monitoring system-Night Wolf science and technology(Shanghai)Co., LTD
    • Chow tai fook
    • Beautiful
    • Fuyao auto glass jiading plant
    • People's electric Shanghai jiading project monitoring
    • Bright feather marble Shanghai huaxin base
    • ppgShanghai songjiang plant monitoring system
    • New continents Honda qingpu factory

    Night Wolf decoration

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